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Like most of Disney’s films, Zootopia is a cuddly adventure, full of huggable characters and underdogs to root for.

From prejudice to bullying, Zootopia covers a myriad of issues that face people — or animals, rather — today. But unlike some of Disney’s past movies,Zootopia marks a return to incorporating an equal amount of comedy in the film’s storyline, volleying back and forth between the intense dramatics of what’s befallen the metropolitan city of Zootopia and the hilarious banter between the two main characters, Judy and Nick.

Judy (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin) is a rabbit with a dream. Growing up in a rural village with more than 200 brothers and sisters, Judy always fantasized of one day becoming a police officer and moving to the New York City inspired Zootopia, where different breeds of animals live together in peace and harmony. She pushes herself through the police academy, despite everyone in her life telling her to give up on pursuing her dreams, and eventually becomes the first bunny officer in the Zootopia Police Department. Even though she spent months proving she had what it takes to be one of ZPD’s finest, Judy’s assigned to be a meter maid, facing the laughter and scorn of her co-workers day in and day out.

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