Speedrunners Work Together To Parkour Through Mirror's Edge

News 17 Oct , 2017 0

Speedrunning seems like a perfect fit for Mirror’s Edge, DICE’s fast-paced free running action game, and the Mirror’s Edge speedrunning community proved that was the case with a 22 minute, 40 second run of the game.

As reported by Kotaku, this particular playthrough is what’s called a segmented speedrun. Disconnected parts of the game are beat as quickly as possible and then strung together as one run, which is a lot of work. This particular speedrun is the result of two years worth of hard work by 11 runners, and it shows. The first couple of minutes are impressive, but it’s around the three minute mark that things get weird.

You can watch the full run below, but the runners are clearly using every possible trick to accomplish that 22:40 run time, including breaking out of the level and running on air. 

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[Source: Kotaku]


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