Destiny 2 – Xur's Gear Rewards For The Weekend Of November 17

News 17 Nov , 2017 0

Destiny’s mysterious merchant is back and ready to give Guardians exotic gear – for the right price. This weekend you can find Xur near the Rig fast travel point on Titan and, as always, he’ll be ready with some shiny exotics for the next three days, so make sure to head on over before the weekend’s up.

This weekend Xur is offering the exotic auto rifle Hardlight, which has some potential for PvE encounters with its interchangeable elemental effects. Console players beware: the weapon’s high recoil and screen shake effect make it hard to handle even at short range on a controller. In terms of exotic armor, this week Xur is mostly all about gauntlets, so if you like getting into the thick of a fight and punching your way out this armor is for you. Hunters can pick up the arc grenade-enhancing exotic chest piece Lucky Raspberry, but Titans can grab the exotic Synthoceps gauntlets, which increase melee lunge range, and Warlocks can purchase the vampiric Karnstein Armlets, which regenerate health and ability energy with melee hits. Fans of the Crucible and PvP action will definitely find some use for the latter two items.

Once the weekend is over, Xur will return to whatever dark void he sits in until next weekend, so make sure to spend your legendary shards wisely this weekend. You can find images for each piece of gear below.

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Source: Game Informer